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Maggie Blair Smith

Height: 5'3"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Degree: BA in Theatre from Temple University, Concentration in Acting


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The Selfish Giant



The Guru of Ubud Bali


Remember the Children: Terezin


Star Dance


Write This Way


Richard III


Web Between Worlds - Staged Reading


Weekend at Macbeth's - Staged Reading

Ser Lancelot - Staged Reading


American Dinner - Staged Reading


Radio Gomorrah - Staged Reading



High Priestess


Baba Yaga/Ensemble








Lady Anne


Hanning Bird/

Professor Plummer




Morgan le Fay



Cynthia Blake

Miona Lee and Maria Burnham - Ghostlight Ensemble


Brent Eickhoff - Blue Goose Theatre Ensemble


I Wayan Mardika Bhuwana - Balinese Shadow Puppetry Program


Kate Lagana - Temple University, Senior Thesis


Shavon Norris – Philadelphia Young Playwrights


Chelsea Sanz – RebelYard Theatre Collective


Brandon McShaffery – Temple Theatres


Kiri Callaghan - In Between Productions


Chris George


Kiri Callaghan - In Between Productions

Maggie Antonijevic - The Frontier


John Ray - The Burying Beetles


The Awakening

Blind Date



Eileen Cook - Cook Films

Jamel Northern - Temple University, MFA Thesis

Off Stage

I Am An Emotional Creature

Mask Choreographer

Cincinnati Actors' Studio and Academy

Training & Workshops

Dell'Arte International Bali Intensive, Shadow Puppetry Focus (January 2015, I Wayan Mardika Bhuwana, I.B. Anom)

Moscow Art Theatre School Summer Intensive (June 2012, Andrey Kuzichev and Sasha Rezalin)


Acting:  Tamsen Glaser, Dawn Arnold, Donna Snow, Elaina Artemiev

On-Camera:  Sarah Cause, Janelle Snow, Coburn Goss, Doug McDade

Improv: Damon Royster

Movement:  Emmanuelle Delpech, Dianne Gaary, Gina Cerimele-Mechley

Stage Combat:  Ian Rose, Gina Cerimele-Mechley

Voice:  Donna Snow, Rocco dal Vera, Dianne Timmerman


Master Classes:

Mary Hynes (Second City)

Linda Gillum and Bob Mason (Remmy Bumppo and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre)

Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum (Theatre de l'Ange Fou)

Recent Cutbacks NYC

Per Brahe (Mask Master Class in Bali, Indonesia)

Cindi Rush Casting 

Sandy Logan (ABC Casting)

Ken Washington and Marcela Lorca (The Guthrie Theatre)

Michael Littig and Julianna Bloodgood (Dadaab Theatre Project)



Dialects - British, Bronx, Irish, Russian,         Southern (Virginian)

Mask Training - Balinese, Lecoq,


Movement - Laban, Suzuki, Viewpoints,          Chekhov

Shakespeare - Unrehearsed

Singing - Mezzo Soprano

Stage Combat - SAFD certification in


Teaching Experience - nine years


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