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Teaching Philosophy

I believe in teaching students as a whole, rather than trying to shape them into a specific kind of performer. Through my experiences as a teacher and student, I’ve seen the pressures that students are put under to be perfect. My goal is to teach new ways to approach characters through movement, imagination, and analysis. 


In teaching, my main movement technique focuses are Laban movement and Unrehearsed Shakespeare, both of which I have been using for fifteen years. I am also comfortable teaching animal work, body centers, and devised theatre.


For more internal work, I have taught aspects of several techniques that I have studied over the years. Previously, I had a focus on the Russian-style Stanislavski training I received at the Moscow Art Theatre, which involves using theatre games and etudes to teach basic acting vocabulary in a way that is more accessible to kinesthetic and verbal learners. I am currently reshaping how I communicate this information in light of the second invasion of Ukraine, as I do not stand by the current Russian regime.


Substitute Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Summer Teacher

Chicago Public Schools, 2015-2022


Two Roads Theater Project, 2018

Cincinnati Actors' Studio and Academy, 2014-2015


Cincinnati Actors' Studio and Academy, 2010-2015

Master Classes and Offered In:



Monologue Work

Laban and Body Centers

Text Analysis

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